RUFUS @ The Riverstage Review 2016

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Rufus at The Riverstage, Brisbane, 14 May 2016 Rufus at The Riverstage, Brisbane, 14 May 2016 Image © Jacob Pederson

RÜFÜS are the masters of laidback grooves, the experts in chilled beats and a band that bestows audio bliss on their fans.

Saturday (14 May) was a perfect autumn night, with that slight chill in the air which makes dancing a non-sweaty exercise, but is still warm enough to wear a t-shirt and shorts.

Rufus.2Image © Ophelia Symons

And in a way, the weather was indicative of who RÜFÜS is – that same appealing blend of hot and cold, not too intense but not so relaxed as to induce sleep. It’s just happiness-making music really; and from the looks on fans faces they delivered the good vibes from the moment they stepped on stage.

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There’s something about the music RÜFÜS has created. It’s deceptively simple but somehow hits you hard. It’s sexy but not with in-your-face beats and it’s making many, many people feel very, very good. The crowd often seemed to move as one, swaying and undulating to the sounds and at times it was a sea of waving hands and excited clapping.

Rufus.3Image © Ophelia Symons

It doesn’t hurt that the Sydney trio each bring their own easy appeal, and the boys know how to work it with swagger on stage. But in all honesty, their good looks come second to their good songs.

RÜFÜS know how to warm the cockles of the crowd's heart, and almost everyone left with a adorably goofy grin on their face. Especially after they said that the Brisbane was the best crowd yet, even better than Coachella.

CrowdCrowd at RUFUS - image © Ophelia Symons

And that is what RÜFÜS do so well. They make people want to smile and laugh, dance and clap. They invite people to slide into their own musical nirvana and at the same time, the music makes you want to connect with the person dancing next to you.

Rufus.4Image © Ophelia Symons

And so off they go to their next show, doing it their way and making the world a better place, one song at a time.

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