Prophets Of Rage Are Keeping It Real

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  • Friday, 09 March 2018 16:45
Prophets Of Rage tour east coast of Australia March 2018. Prophets Of Rage tour east coast of Australia March 2018.

In today’s society, politics is pivotal no matter where you are.

If you have the platform to take a stand, share your voice and perhaps even make a difference, you’d be crazy not to take it.

Since their formation in 2016, US super group Prophets Of Rage – comprising members from nu-metal and hip hop greats Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill, Audioslave and Public Enemy – have used their platform to offer a message of change to audiences the world over.

When the band plays the inaugural Download Australia event in Melbourne as well as Brisbane and Sydney side shows later this month, it’ll be the first time the group have appeared in Australia.

But how will their politically-driven melodies translate to our audiences? “I think it’s a universal message,” Cypress Hill rapper B-Real says. “We try to speak outside of just what we’re going through.

“We try to hit on things going on around the world. A lot of similar things, a lot of fears from the people and the way that the system where they live is going that isn’t necessarily conducive for the benefit or prosperity of the people. So I think [the messages we spread] resonates to all those that feel that way.”

Naturally, for these powerful statements to have an impact the music must be strong.

Though Prophets Of Rage perform classic tracks by the groups that made each member famous, the original material they’ve produced since their inception touches on essential elements of hip hop, rap, rock and metal, drawing more people to their gospel.

“The music has to be good for the message to carry in the first place,” B-Real says.

“I think it’s a combination of making music people would enjoy to hear live and music that resonates with everyone, that doesn’t alienate anyone in particular. ‘Make the music rock on as hard as possible’ we said. That way we had a great message with a solid beat.”

As a super group, Prophets Of Rage have experienced a wave of positivity for their performances and mantra, demonstrating among themselves the solidarity they believe we should have in the world.

“For the shows we’ve played - the festivals, headline and support shows - it’s been a great reception to what we’re doing, to the music, the energy,” B-Real says.

“When we go up on stage as a band, a team, a unit, we go up there to be the best, no matter if we’re playing a combination of the Cypress Hill, Rage Against The Machine or Public Enemy catalogues or the new material, we go up there to slay and try to convey that energy.

“No one takes it for granted. We have the deepest respect for each other and musicianship and showmanship and we go up there with that in mind as a team and I think that’s what makes [the show] so great.”

Prophets Of Rage play Hordern Pavilion (Sydney) 22 March, Download Festival (Melbourne) 24 March and The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane) 26 March.


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