Premiere: Watch Zeal Static's New Video 'Friends & Foes'

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Melbourne rapper Zeal Static's new single is titled 'Friends & Foes'. Melbourne rapper Zeal Static's new single is titled 'Friends & Foes'.

Melbourne MC Zeal Static is back sharing a taste of his new EP, 'Meet The Rebel', with the release of the single 'Friends & Foes'.

With influences including 2Pac, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Ice Cube, Zeal Static offers up a hefty slice of '90s boom-bap hip hop with tight production, and scenestr has the inside track to premiere the 'Friends & Foes' video today.

"This record came about last year when I was a few days away from flying out to LA, it so happened that I linked up with Legion Beats 'Inner Circle' programme and came across this beat," Zeal says.

"I liked it so much that I had to drop something on it. So I wrote and recorded the whole song in one day and planned to shoot the music video in Compton as soon as I touched down, but due to some flight delays and misfortunes along the way the shoot never went down."

The 'Meet The Rebel' EP is due to drop later in July.

"The inspiration for ['Friends & Foes'] comes from my personal experiences, which gives glimpses to certain flashbacks of my past," adds Zeal.

"It's about acknowledging who your true friends and enemies are, showing the haters and critics that no matter what they throw at you, you are strong enough to bounce back, stand on your feet and carry on, while they are left with an open jaw."


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