Premiere: Watch Winter's End's New Video 'Once Is Too Many'

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Winter's End new single, 'Once Is Too Many', is a call to everyone to be part of the solution to stop domestic violence. Winter's End new single, 'Once Is Too Many', is a call to everyone to be part of the solution to stop domestic violence.

Sydney folk-rock duo Winter's End return with another emotionally-drenched song, 'Once Is Too Many', that picks at the social scab that is domestic violence.

The song tackles issues related to DV, a cause both members of the group feel passionate about. It's a personal, honest track that doubles as a call to arms for people to become more aware about the issue affecting many in Australia.

To be released tomorrow, all money they earn from the song will go towards foundations that help victims of DV. Vocalist and guitarist Marissa Pinto strikes a commanding presence as she sings with equal parts passion and frustration.

scenestr is proud to exclusively share today the music video for 'Once Is Too Many'.

Previous single 'Mayfair' was also an important one; how hard was it to put emotion to paper for 'Mayfair' and now 'Once Is Too Many'?
[Marissa] 'Mayfair's video was self-directed and self-produced because DV was an issue that was very close to both mine and Christopher's hearts.

It was definitely hard to put pen to paper in the direction of this video but we felt that it was important to highlight that many women are trapped in these situations, and it's not simply a case of being able to leave.

When the statistics regarding domestic violence against women again recently gained public attention we were incredibly saddened to hear that not only had the issue not been resolved, it had in fact become much worse.

This created a great feeling of anger and frustration for me, which is what inspired me to write the song 'Once Is Too Many' in another effort to call the government to action and to raise awareness surrounding DV against women.

Are there any particular foundations or initiatives in mind that you'd like to highlight for their work in helping victims of DV that the audience can learn about?
#NOTON initiative. We also encourage the use of the hashtag #bandagainstdomesticviolence which we are using to raise awareness and unite against domestic violence against women in Australia.

Did the initial vision for this song match the final product?
The initial vision for the song was born out of much sadness and frustration, and this encouraged me to be meticulous in my approach to the writing process.

I wanted to express the current situation for so many Australian women in a way that was direct and relatable for the Australian public, in the hopes of generating a lot of support for the women and children affected, and in the prevention of any further deaths.


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