Premiere: Watch White Bay's New Video 'In My Head'

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White Bay's new single is titled 'In My Head' and is released 18 May, 2018. White Bay's new single is titled 'In My Head' and is released 18 May, 2018.

Tomorrow, Sydney-based Rockers White Bay will release their new single and music video 'In My Head'.

But the trio have shared the video with scenestr to premiere today.

'In My Head' evokes the sounds of Foo Fighters as well as a punkier version of Metallica mixed with the classic sounds of '80s hard rock. It's a maelstrom of head-banging beauty.

"Writing 'In My Head' was, at some points, both challenging and time consuming, while at other points, a serendipitous breeze," lead singer Sam Marks says. "I had a personal story to tell and began nutting the shell of the song out in 2015.

"The song came together, eventually, in near completeness prior to entering the studio. Upon recording the initial draft in the studio, the band decided the verse needed to be completely re-written rhythmically and harmonically around the vocal melody. We re-wrote the rhythmic section of the verses entirely within about ten minutes, working around the vocal melody and lyrics.

"We finished recording the song and our forthcoming EP in 2015. Why it's taken this long to release is an entire story in itself."

The accompanying video for 'In My Head' features the band in an abandoned warehouse in Newtown. "My brother Ben, who singlehandedly conceptualised, produced, shot and edited the film clip, approached him with the idea to record the band performances within an old factory he'd discovered in Newtown," Sam says.

"Luckily on the day of the shoot the factory was still 'open'. We were able to jam ourselves, our amps and our guitars inside through a convenient entrance point. It probably looked a little weird and suss to any passer-by.

"Once we were inside we started shooting within minutes as we didn't know how long we'd have in there! Ben got some great takes from us and by the end of it we were jumping around like we were playing Wembley.

"Ben also had the awesome idea to do a collection of shots through White Bay, the area Sam grew up in and where the band found its name, and throughout the Inner West in areas like Newtown where we often hang out. We got plenty of shots of us wayfaring through Sydney, as you’ll see.

"We also did some shots in some canals around Glebe, which ended up being hilarious because Dennis kept slipping and nearly killing himself. We have some great, unused footage of that. We wanted to mess around in these shots and be a little tongue-in-=cheek - that suits us. Ben did an amazing job doing this himself and we can't believe it's done."

'In My Head' is the second single from the band's forthcoming EP set for release later in 2018. The band formed in 2014 and released their debut single, 'Jump Into The Wind', in early 2016.

White Bay Tour Dates

Sat 9 Jun – Frankie's Pizza (Sydney)
Fri 15 Jun - Oxford Art Factory (Sydney)


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