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Whisky Grinn's new single is titled 'The Bold And The Reckless' and will be released 13 October, 2018. Whisky Grinn's new single is titled 'The Bold And The Reckless' and will be released 13 October, 2018.

Like a menacing tiger let loose on the rock highway, Whisky Grinn's latest effort, 'The Bold And The Reckless', hurtles towards your eardrums in search of fun adventures.

With a rhythm section reminiscent of a Dropkick Murphys-Jethro Tull lovechild, singer-guitarist Zac Lynch's clean but growling vocals, and polished guitar licks sparkling with a bluesy twang dipped in an avant-garde bowl of funk spices, this is a breakthrough moment for Whisky Grinn ahead of their upcoming tour to the US.

"'The Bold And The Reckless' was never actually intended to be our next single," Zac says. "It was written about a week or two after we'd already picked and decided on our next single.

"The song came about because of a relief of that pressure. I had that main, driving riff already going and the main skeleton of the song. [I] brought it to Brody [Lynch] who really made it come to life and gave it heaps more personality with the bass."

Whisky Grinn have the kind of swagger that rock from yesteryear would get cozy with… and the accompanying video for 'The Bold And The Reckless' matches their swashbuckling nature.

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (13 October), scenestr is utterly amped to be able to premiere the 'The Bold And The Reckless' video today. Enjoy.

"The whole thing minus the bridge was written and done in a single session," adds Zac.

"So we're rehearsing at Brody's house and all of his roommates are downstairs listening to us; who are all either musicians or artistically involved.

"Somehow, they hear us rehearsing the song and assume that's our new single and start congratulating us… Mad panic sets in. Clearly a mistake has been made, however we're only days out [to] record. The bold and reckless decision is made to record this thing that's barely a day old.

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"So two days later we're in studio doing the thing where we wrote the bridge. I'm heading back the next day to do the vocals for this thing and no word of a lie, not one f…ing word did I have written down on a piece of paper.

"The lyrics were written on the way into studio and are the result of a night of psychedelic-fuelled introspection. I went in and recorded the thing without having slept and this is the result."

Whisky Grinn will launch 'The Bold And The Reckless' officially at Crowbar (Brisbane) with fellow local rockers Alaina who headline with the launch of their EP 'Homebound'.


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