Premiere: Watch Warships New Video 'The Ocean'

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Independent Melbourne band Warships recently released their second single, 'The Ocean'.

Today the band premiere the video clip for 'The Ocean', a dance-rock tune with a swirling psychedelic undercurrent.

The song also marks the band's first step without close friend/ band member Tristan ‘Stan’ Querol (who passed away earlier this year) and a taste of their debut longplayer due to be released in early 2018.

"This is a song that really had a life if its own; it changed a lot from its original, straight-ahead rock feel when Tristan first brought the verse riff and melody to the band, and at some point morphed into this final, synth-heavy dance-anthem vibe," Phil Moyes, the group's drummer/ singer says.

Warship's guitarist/ producer Jerry Higgins talks about the making of the video. "I stumbled across this guy from Estonia of all places, who was making CGI videos with really cool imagery.

"We asked him if he could make us up a clip; obviously he agreed, so we got some slightly dodgy footage of us playing and sent it to him and it came back looking like this."

Warships Shows

Fri 13 Oct - Gin Lane (Melbourne)
Sun 15 Oct - Sooki Lounge (Melbourne)
Fri 15 Dec - The Fitzroy Pinnacle (Melbourne)


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