Premiere: Watch Unchained & Adrenalina’s New Video ‘Timeless’

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Adrenalina (l) and Unchained's (r) new single is titled 'Timeless'. Adrenalina (l) and Unchained's (r) new single is titled 'Timeless'.

Australian rapper Unchained delivers another earthy hip hop, electronic jam with his newest single, 'Timeless', featuring NZ singer Adrenalina.

The track has a Euro big-beat vibe with a melody that will leave you with a lingering ear worm for days. While upbeat, joyful lyrics from Adrenalina: ‘It’s only a matter of time before the stars start to shine' are complemented with Unchained delivering truthful flows.

"'Timeless' signifies the real love between two people; that real love isn’t about material desires," Unchained says.

"Timeless love is eternal; a bond and real love like that is hard to come by these days."

scenestr is stoked to be able to premiere the accompanying video for 'Timeless' today.

"We chose the Adam and Eve scene to take it back to the first man and woman to create a bible, Genesis vibe," adds Unchained.

"The two dancers in the song are the main couple and they're in 'Timeless' love."

'Timeless' is lifted from Unchained's debut album, 'Out Of Darkness'.

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