Premiere: Watch Tasha's Lyric Video 'Runaway Love'

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Tasha's debut single is titled 'Runaway Love'. Tasha's debut single is titled 'Runaway Love'.

With an extensive background in music, Australian artist Tasha is ready to deliver her debut single 'Runaway Love'.

A regular of Melbourne's local music scene, Tasha has been performing since she was 7 (church performances) and has been honing her piano and guitar skills since the age of 12.

A graduate of the Australian Institute of Music (Bachelor of Contemporary Performance), 'Runaway Love' is an upbeat, perky electronic-pop track that discusses that universal conundrum - how to integrate yourself into society as a young adult.

“I always want to be true and authentic to the stuff that's happening in my life, especially in the time period it is happening," Tasha says. "Being a 24-year-old and entering the world after university can be quite daunting.

"I really want to make my songs about realness and this song represents all the hardship, pressures and responsibilities that adulthood brings, and just finding an escape from the demanding world of adulthood. I hope people can connect to the song."

With her influences ranging from Billie Eilish, Amy Winehouse and Halsey, scenestr is pumped to premiere the lyric video for 'Runaway Love', which was co-produced by triple Grammy Award-winning team MSquared Productions.

'Runaway Love' will be available on all digital platforms 24 May.


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