Premiere: Watch Sir Winston's 'Everybody Must Dance' Remix Videos

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Sir Winston's debut single is titled 'Everybody Must Dance'. Sir Winston's debut single is titled 'Everybody Must Dance'.

Last month New York-based, Australian artist Sir Winston offered the first taste of his forthcoming debut album in the form of indie-dance nugget of goodness 'Everybody Must Dance'.

Its LCD, Death From Above and Gerling-esque rockin' beats will whip you into a dancefloor frenzy in a New York minute. "The song is a fairytale: about being in love, adventure and the rhythm of life," Sir Winston says.

But like a throw-down at your local YMCA dance-athon, Sir Winston keeps the party pumping with a swag of remixes (three in fact: David Bowie’s Eyes, Nadi and Refascinated treatments) of 'Everybody Must Dance', each accompanied by their respective music video clips. Bonus round, indeed.

"Each remix is different, but they'll all make you move and bounce," Sir Winston says. "[As] each version of the track is very different, so the videos needed to reflect that."

Today, scenestr is stoked to premiere the videos for the David Bowie's Eyes as well as Nadi remixes. "The David Bowie's Eyes remix video is true homage to David Bowie with the footage, and my friend Steve Reynolds did an amazing edit for it.

"This remix pays homage to the amazing greatness of David Bowie. We wanted to create something that was deep and sexy to start, with a euphoric moment with the crowd cheering and then driving home with bigger beats and shouting 'David Bowie' in a celebration."

With snippets of 'Everybody Must Dance' having already been featured in Victoria Secret, Maybelline and Nike commercials, the future looks bright for Sir Winston.

"The video to the Nadi remix [veteran house DJ Don Nadi] looks like a fairytale," Sir Winston says, "which the song lyrics kind of are - it's also really upbeat and almost tongue-in-cheek too.

"This just rocks from the get-go and is a fun, upbeat mix that is meant to get you on your feet with a smile on your face and hands in the air."


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