Premiere: Watch Radolescent's New Video 'Drug Fiend'

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Radolescent have released a video for their newest single 'Drug Fiend'. Radolescent have released a video for their newest single 'Drug Fiend'.

Radolescent are three, long-time mates from the Gold Coast: Isaac (guitar/ vocals), Lachlan (guitar/ bass) and Kurt (drums).

Together, the trio recently delivered their new anti-establishment sound similar of '90s punk, 'Drug Fiend'. And yes, the name suggests exactly that.

Today, scenestr is chuffed to be able to premiere the accompanying video clip for 'Drug Fiend'.

'Drug Fiend' was one of the first songs Isaac wrote for Radolescent, drawing inspiration from his love for recreational drug use.

After having disagreements with friends and family about what people actually class as drugs, Isaac wrote the song as a social commentary, highlighting the fact that everyone is dependent on various vices to get them through the day, some of which aren't perceived to be drugs.

They recorded 'Drug Fiend' at Blind Boy Studio with Brad Hoskings and Mark Duckworth, the track was then mixed/ mastered by Dan at Deathset over in New York. "We had expectations of recording being a rather gruelling process, but we now think that's bullshit, especially working with those two," Isaac explains.

With a sound awash with a rock aesthetics penetrating your mind, it's hard to rip yourself away from the catchy, surf-inspired sing-alongs.


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