Premiere: Watch Mick McHugh's New Music Video 'A Million Stars'

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Mick McHugh's newest video clip is for his latest single, 'A Million Stars'. Mick McHugh's newest video clip is for his latest single, 'A Million Stars'.

Indie singer-songwriter Mick McHugh is back with another music video, this time for his newest single 'A Million Stars' that was released last month and featured on Mick's 2018 debut album.

The clip that accompanies 'A Million Stars' focuses on domestic disturbances and the use of music, dance and creativity as a means of coping and surviving.

"'A Million Stars' is about not getting stuck in your life," Mick says, "moving through your depression, your circumstances, whatever is holding you down.

"It was the first song I finished when I emigrated to Australia in 2005, choosing to lose the chains of my own depression and life choices, leaving my polymer engineer career behind to becoming a full-time singer-songwriter.

"I was underneath a full, starry sky in Far North Queensland; each star I looked up at represented a possibility in life… I just had to find the courage to choose one, go for it and not be afraid to fall."

Today, scenestr is pleased to premiere the 'A Million Stars' music video.

Mick, who supported Amy Shark and Damien Dempsey locally last year, worked once again with Beer Cinematography to produce the music video with support by NORPA (Northern Rivers Performing Arts) utilising a dark theatre setting, a grand piano and shot using motorised camera tracking technology.

Captured in 4k resolution, this resulted in an artistic and visually stunning music video.

You can see Mick later this month in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney when he opens for fellow Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James, who has clocked up over 1 billion streams on Spotify.

"Mick McHugh connects with the important elements of music – his songs and his audience." - Amy Shark

2019 Tour Dates with Gavin James

Thu 21 Mar - The Foundary (Brisbane)
Fri 22 Mar - Prince Bandroom (Melbourne)
Sat 23 Mar - Manning Bar (Sydney)


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