Premiere: Watch Mel Parsons New Video 'Just 'Cause You Don't Want Me'

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Mel Parsons new single is titled 'Just 'Cause You Don't Want Me'. Mel Parsons new single is titled 'Just 'Cause You Don't Want Me'.

With a new album in the works, 'Glass Heart', New Zealand indie folk songwriter Mel Parsons is ready to let the world sample her next offering with the release tomorrow (9 November) of her newest single from the album, 'Just 'Cause You Don't Want Me'.

Upbeat and sweeping with big drums and catchy harmonies, the track was recorded at the end of a punishing two-month solo tour across North America. "I started writing this song on the piano - it just arrived to me one night really," Mel says.

"I was on tour in the USA and had a couple of days off in between dates, staying in a cabin on the edge of a lake in Washington State, which by happy coincidence had a beautiful old piano in the lounge.

"The song itself is pretty basic in terms of content - I think the title and the chorus gives a pretty fair summary of what it's about. It came together fairly quickly, which is usually a good sign for me. I think one of my favourite things about this song are the backing vocals."

And today, Mel has shared with scenestr the exclusive premiere of the accompanying video for 'Just 'Cause You Don't Want Me'. Bonus round.

"The video isn't intended to be a visual representation of any meaning in the lyrics," continues Mel, "if anything could be taken from it would be that even in darker moments, it's important not to take yourself too seriously.

"The video creation was pretty straightforward – me in a studio, playing all the instruments, mostly quite badly! It was shot by Ruffell Productions in Christchurch NZ, who swooped in at the 11th hour after our initial video plan fell through."


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