Premiere: Watch Lucifer Gunne's New Music Video 'Energenetic'

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Lucifer Gunne's new single is titled 'Energenetic'. Lucifer Gunne's new single is titled 'Energenetic'.

New Zealand rockers Lucifer Gunne are back with another slice of high-energy punk rock brimming with angst and just a sliver of cheeky, youthful exuberance.

Their latest track (and first new material of 2019) is titled 'Energenetic' and fuels the band's early influences of Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead with a harder edge that takes notes from Marilyn Manson and Faith No More.

The song's accompanying video clip features the band playing on a rooftop balcony in Wellington with a few mates bopping away - all the action is captured by a buzzing drone that covers all the angles.

And scenestr is primed to offer you today the first play of the 'Energenetic' video clip. Enjoy.

"From seagulls dive-bombing the drone to our film crew being harassed on the ground, so many great off-screen moments were had," the bands says about making the music video.

"The initial idea of shooting a crazy, out-of-control music video was captured in the most hectic environment possible; working on this shoot was such a fun time and we can't wait for more."

Recorded at Elysian Sound Studios in Wellington, ‘Energenetic’ is a punk-rock anthem that straddles the sound of the late '90s ala The Living End with a modern twist power-pop melodies.

"This single was so much fun to record. It's packed with energy and is the start of a new era for the band. 'Energenetic' has way more power and feeling than anything we have released prior, and I can't wait to share it with the world." Lucifer Gunne says.


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