Premiere: Watch Jessie-May Kitchen's New Video 'Teen Love'

Jessie-May Kitchen's new single is titled 'Teen Love'. Jessie-May Kitchen's new single is titled 'Teen Love'.

Central Coast singer-songwriter, Jessie-May Kitchen returns with a new single after releasing her debut song, 'Coffee Shop', earlier this year.

'Teen Love' is the teenager's newest creation and is accompanied by another 'self-made' video filmed on her trusty Android, this time with the assistance of her 14-year-old brother.

"'Teen Love' is written about the previous relationship I was in. The person I was dating wasn't sure about what they wanted or who they were yet, so it was very confusing for me at the time," Jessie-May says.

"I take my relationships quite seriously because I've always been the 'geeky' person who never had many partners or had people see me in a romantic way.

"But on the other hand, as a modern society the media influences our generation into breaking old, moralistic boundaries, teaching us to 'not catch feels' and 'slide in and out of their DMs' to break the previous conservative hegemony.

"This in turn leads to ingenuity and lack of growth with the people we connect to. 'Teen Love' goes through the emotions of our day by day, week by week, forbidden, puppy-love."

scenestr is excited to exclusively share the accompanying video for 'Teen Love' today.

"I'm proud to say my 'Teen Love' music video is another self-made project, filmed again on my trusty android phone and pieced together by my cheap laptop editor.

"I challenged myself by creating bigger ideas accompanying the song. Through the characterisation of a mermaid, I used the local setting of the beach to represent the impression of forbidden love.

"I've always loved mermaids ever since I was a kid and was inspired by the classic, mythological love stories between human and fantasy creature.

"I travelled by bus to film on the beach a couple weekends a month with the help of my 14-year-old brother, who I dragged along despite slight protest. I really do appreciate how he was a massive help and I couldn't have filmed in the wet, windy, sandy conditions without him.

"My brother also helped with the mermaid make-up. I picked a base colour of blue to symbolise sharing personal truth, depth, the sky and sea… I've had so much fun in the process of filming this video. Like all my videos, it was made with the spontaneity of using the resources I have around me at the time, combined with my imagination."

Jessie-May Kitchen plays Ozzie and Friends Pocket Bar (Central Coast) 12 December.


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