Premiere: Watch Innessa's New Video 'Golden Wreath'

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Innessa's latest single is titled 'Golden Wreath'. Innessa's latest single is titled 'Golden Wreath'.

Sunshine Coast songstress Innessa has found her niche infusing alternative folk with Eastern European influences on her new single, 'Golden Wreath'.

Innessa has shared the accompanying video for her new single with scenestr, which we are premiering today.

Using the wreath as a symbol of hope, Innessa makes, releases and then follows her wreath throughout the music video, mirroring the Russian folk custom in which a young woman carries a wreath in search of love.

"'Golden Wreath' is inspired by the Eastern European celebration Kupala Day, where women release wreaths of flowers into rivers in Russia hoping to gain a glimpse of their future love lives," Innessa says.

"In the song and music video, I used this and other old customs, like jumping over fires, as a metaphor for the journey we take in following our dreams. The great care and attention to make the wreath, releasing it into the water and then following the metaphorical highs and lows of climbing mountains to achieve your goals and dreams."

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Filmed on the Sunshine Coast, the video has a 'Picnic At Hanging Rock' vibe. "Making the video in our backyard, the Sunshine Coast hinterland, was truly wonderful, but really tested our limits too.

"Just like the story we were telling, we had to overcome many obstacles like 2:30am starts, climbing the Ngungun Mountain in the dark with a team of seven people overloaded with heavy equipment, not to mention leaping over the fire bear-footed to land on a hot charcoal - ouch!

"But we had an incredible time working on this video. For two days we completely detached ourselves from the every-day life. In the end it felt like we just came back from the holidays - emotionally renewed and physically exhausted."

Innessa plays Little Russian Club (Brisbane) 27 May.


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