Premiere: Watch Headcage's New Video 'The Walk'

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Headcage's newest single is titled 'The Walk'. Headcage's newest single is titled 'The Walk'.

Headcage feature Australian singer-songwriter Glyn Major and South American multi-instrumentalist Christian Schmidt (aka Voodoo Schmidt).

The duo met during their music studies in Brisbane in 2015 and quickly started jamming together. Both musicians shared a common love for traditional styles of classic, psychedelic and hard rock music ranging from the '60s to '90s.

Headcage will release their newest single 'The Walk' next week (13 October) at a Brisbane launch show with Alaina and Whisky Grinn.

The song has its roots at a jam session at Christian's house. "I had a riff with open strings that was a bit faster, even had a little demo," he says.

"But when I showed it to Glyn he felt that was a bit too fast, so he told me to take it easy a bit and said 'play it like a caterpillar'. I just started laughing, but the idea got stuck in my head and we tried again thinking of a slow, heavy pace, like a giant, groovy caterpillar.

"We tried again with the acoustic and bang! We got all the structure immediately. Later we took it to the rehearsal room to make it more 'Headcagey' and it ended up sounding so big and groovy to us; it soon became a favourite."

Ahead of the song's release, Headcage have shared with scenestr an accompanying video for 'The Walk' that we're fired up to premiere today.

The video was filmed and directed by Cameron Brunker, Anthony Johnathon Laegel and Headcage on location in Brisbane. "The video was the easy part," Christian says.

"As soon as we added the song to the set list, we noticed that people had a strong reaction and loved to move and head-bang to it.

"We decided to just do a live video trying to capture that effect on the crowd."

Headcage will officially release 'The Walk' with Alaina, Whisky Grinn, Kaloptic and friends at Crowbar (Brisbane) Saturday 13 October.


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