Premiere: Watch Greg Arnold's New Music Video 'Against The Wheel'

Greg Arnold's (Things Of Stone & Wood) new, solo album is titled 'Against The Wheel'. Greg Arnold's (Things Of Stone & Wood) new, solo album is titled 'Against The Wheel'.

Greg Arnold – the award-winning singer-songwriter behind folk-rock band Things Of Stone & Wood – has returned to Australia to launch his solo release 'Against The Wheel'.

Greg's credits include being named Australian Songwriter Of The Year at the 1993 APRA Awards.

'Against The Wheel' is an acoustic album recorded in his new home Geneva, Switzerland.

The lead single and title track is a song penned about the rise of Donald Trump's political popularity and his "unbelievable scams" to become POTUS. "The song is an old-school protest song," begins Greg.

Click here to read our 2017 interview with Greg.

"I was really hoping the clip would highlight what I have always felt was the most unbelievable of all of Donald Trump's unbelievable scams - that he pretended to be some kind of working class hero to win the election.

"I loved the way the Giles [Roberts of G Projects] captured that, but also managed to enhance the entire 'reality show' absurdity of this particular political moment."

Greg has shared an exclusive with scenestr, forwarding the 'Against The Wheel' music video that we're proud to premiere today. Enjoy.

Greg Arnold Tour Dates

Wed 21 Nov - Camelot Lounge (Sydney)
Fri 30 Nov - The Wesley Anne (Melbourne)
Sat 1 Dec - Fremantle Folk Festival (Things Of Stone & Wood show)


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