Premiere: Watch Findlay Brown's New Video 'Call It What You Want'

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Findlay Brown's newest single is titled 'Call It What You Want'. Findlay Brown's newest single is titled 'Call It What You Want'.

The beautiful, earthy vocals of Yorkshire-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Findlay Brown emanate throughout his latest single, 'Call It What You Want'.

The first track Findlay wrote for his recently released fourth LP, 'Not Everything Beautiful Is Good', the lyrics to 'Call It What You Want' ponder "a romance with a bad habit".

The accompanying video clip is beautifully shot and features a young women (who represents Mother Nature) carrying a fishing spear who explores a barren, coastal area in Wales.

Ahead of the video's release, scenestr premieres the clip today. Take five minutes out of your day; you'll be rewarded with those warm, fuzzy, life feels. Promise.

"'Call It What You Want' was the first song I wrote for the new album when I was living in New York and it turned out to be the first song we worked on," Findlay says.

"I recorded it in Copenhagen with Tor Bach Kristensen and Bo Rande who made the horn arrangement.

"When I wrote it, it was one of those magical moments when you tap into something and the song seems to just beam in from outer space somewhere.

"It arrives almost fully formed, then you have to kinda decode it and fill in the gaps. I like songs to have layered meanings and be open. This one felt like a love song but not really with a person. It's more like a romance with a bad habit."

Director for the video clip, Richard Hutchison offers an insight into how the creative aspect of the video came to life. "Having gone to shoot the lyric video in Wales for Findlay's last single we discovered an amazing location, admittedly though, completely by accident.

"We had found a location for the lyric video down the road, but the Airbnb owner told us about a path that led to the sea right from the garden.

"We took a walk here when we arrived and knew we had to shoot the lyric video and the music video there instead.

"This location inspired a lot of the visual elements you see in the video, but together with emails back and forth with Findlay we carved out a surreal representation of what is ultimately about Findlay's relationship with alcohol.

"The concept was intentionally vague and abstract to the meaning of the song, but I kept going back to the idea when we were shooting of the girl being Mother Nature, with a twisted damaging side that she loves but finds hard to control. "This influenced a lot of my decisions when we were shooting on the emotion of each shot."


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