Premiere: Watch Enerate's New Video 'Transit Lounge'

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Sydney indie-pop act Enerate release their debut, interactive app album 16 November. Sydney indie-pop act Enerate release their debut, interactive app album 16 November.
Colourful Sydney indie-pop act Enerate will release their debut album, 'Good Times Airlines', later this month via the usual outlets but also as an interactive app.

Today, they give a healthy taste of the record releasing the video for their new single 'Transit Lounge' via scenestr to premiere.

There’s a taste of synth-pop auteurs Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and Alpine. "It’s about the want and the willingness to go and do something new, but you know it kind of frightens you, you know that you’re a bit inhibited," band member Therese Watson.

"But you understand those feelings and you just kind of go for it anyway."

The clip for Transit Lounge is appropriately transient. The viewer follows a young boy who begins his journey in a light-filled airport and continues through a number of different worlds: a city street, a prehistoric land, unknown time and space. It’s simple, but meditative and effective.

On the app, the viewer chooses where the boy explores. A modest touch, but one that works perfectly alongside the song.

Describing the video, band member Josh Graham reflects. "We see this young boy walk through an airport terminal and this is his reality. While the viewer watches him, they can swipe left or right and take him into different worlds. These are his dream worlds.

"It’s like we can see inside his daydream, imagining who and where he wants to be in his future. This ties into the ‘Be who/ what you want to be, just go for it’ messaging of the song. The worlds get pretty surreal at some points too."

Each song on the app has a video with an integrated interactive feature; whether it be a game or another way to personalise the content. "Art is becoming more multidisciplinary and music is becoming more visual," Josh says.

"The album is as much video as it is music. This is not a marketing tool for the album; this is the album! We wanted to make a physical release that you can touch, feel, effect… that was multi-sensory and completely digital.

"We tried to one-up Beyonce haha! She did a video album, so we thought 'we'll do an interactive video album'!"

Enerate launch 'Good Times Airlines' 16 November.


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