Premiere: Watch Dave Wells New Video 'Picasso's Cloud'

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Dave Wells will release his debut, self-titled album 10 August, 2018. Dave Wells will release his debut, self-titled album 10 August, 2018.

This Friday (10 August) Hunter Valley singer-songwriter Dave Wells will release his debut self-titled album.

"This album taps directly into my perspectives on life and society," Dave says. "Alongside love and hurt, I reflected on a lot of things happening in the world and its effect on each of us."

Dave weaves a narrative with indie folk and alt-rock influences to craft an album that explores themes of lust, freedom, moral boundaries, desire, self-preservation, jealousy, loss and the cause and effects of love.

Ahead of the release, Dave has shared with scenestr a video clip for 'Picasso's Cloud' that we're stoked to premiere today.

'Picasso's Cloud' is a thumping ride showcasing Dave's emotive lyrics that cut-through with their honest intensity ('there goes your shadow dancing away, with all my empty faith'). An indie-rock gem that's as perfect for a campfire sing-along as it is an escape with your headphones.

"'Picasso's Cloud' was written from the perspective of how one feels when they are suddenly left behind for someone else," Dave says.

"Not so much the helpless sadness or hurt, rather one's own battle to express and concur the frustration, jealously and spitefulness that is infused with a vindictive anger towards someone who can so easily move on with contentment.

"The song progressed from a rhythmically driven acoustic song, into a dark and melodic riff driven alt-rock song within the studio. Steve Fearnley's drum work added depth and empowerment.

"It was challenging yet extremely fun adding lead guitar to this track. l didn't mind doing a hundred takes on it, if I had too, as it felt great just playing it in the studio.

"It's a great track to play live as well; it's a song that seems to transform the band and I into another space. We have a different game face on after playing it."

Dave Wells will launch his self-titled album at 48 Watt Street (Newcastle) Friday 31 August.


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