Premiere: Stream Tobias Wonderdog's New Single 'The Sun'

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Tobias Wonderdog's new single is titled 'The Sun'. Tobias Wonderdog's new single is titled 'The Sun'.

After his debut solo release last October, Melbourne musician Tobias Wonderdog is back with a follow-up in the form of the dirge-laced, RHCP sounding 'The Sun'.

Dipped in a barrel of classic-rock nostalgia, the track explores the ever-pressing worries that build from day to day.

Being his politically outspoken self, Tobias (which is the moniker of Mat Weaven) says "it's about the hopeless feeling one gets as the evil empire inches closer to our existence".

"The track looks into the constant worry and lack of resolve in life and being tired of the new world order."

Letting the music do the talking, 'The Sun' flows from dark verses to the uplifting choruses, through an epic solo to a heartfelt, slow-burning bridge before closing out on the tracks gutsy rock-riff.

With 'The Sun' slated for released on Friday (12 July), scenestr is stoked to premiere the new Tobias Wonderdog song today. Enjoy.


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