Premiere: Stream Timi Temple's New Song 'Sands Of Time'

Timi Temple Timi Temple
You might have seen him playing alongside Kilter in his live band, but now it’s time for Timi Temple to unleash his own intoxicating music.

Today we’re pumped to be premiering Timi’s new single 'Sands Of Time'.

'Sands Of Time' is a hazy, ‘60s-inspired jam. It’s a little Tame Impala, a little Jimi Hendrix and even a little MGMT, but it’s the amalgamation of these influences that make for a super-unique offering from this new artist.

The story behind the track is an unexpected one from his childhood; one of those seminal experiences that shape us into adulthood.

Inspired by a real-life saga that saw an adorable five-year old Timi Temple running deviously from a crime and experiencing his first taste of escaping fate, Lockwood explains the comical story behind 'Sands Of Time'.

"When I was about five we had a fish tank in the house. Underneath the tank was a heater. Now I don’t know whose bright idea it was to put the heater under the tank, but one cold night I thought I’d do the right thing by turning on the heater.

"Unfortunately no one from my family realised I had done this, so I was put to bed and the rest of my family retired for the night without turning off the heater. I woke up to my family arguing about who left the heater on; the fish were pretty much boiled and floating across the top and when I was asked I feigned ignorance.

"It ate at me for awhile, the guilt not washing off my consciousness… I guess this song is my confession."

'Sands Of Time' is available for pre-order now and released worldwide 27 October.


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