Premiere: Stream The Limbs' New Single 'Here'

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Perth rockers The Limbs new single is titled 'Here'. Perth rockers The Limbs new single is titled 'Here'.

With large slices of Oasis meets The Stone Roses as well as The Cure, Perth grunge rockers The Limbs are back with the thumping new single 'Here'.

The track was recorded at Perth’s Debaser Studios with Andy Lawson (Gyroscope, Tired Lion) on production and mixing, with Simon Struthers (Bob Evans, Felicity Groom) on mastering.

"The chorus, 'I’ve lived a million lies and truths for you', is about being in so many minds and confused, but also embracing the truth in what's important in life," band member James Redman says.

With 'Here' set for commercial release 28 June, scenestr has the inside track with an exclusive stream to share with you. You can thank us later.

"We initially were trying to write a short opener instrumental for our set last year and then I remembered this lyrical idea I’d been sitting on a few days later that had stemmed from a really promising jam a few months back," adds James.

"Within the first seconds of me meshing the two ideas it all just came together. It was one of those lightning bolt songs - they just happen. It doesn't happen that often, but when it does you have to run with it and see where it goes."

As the band move towards a busier second half of 2019, fellow band member Michael Hay shares his thoughts on how the group worked together to create the final sound of 'Here'.

"The overall writing process with all four us is rather swiftly done. We've been working hard even with the warm-up jams at rehearsals, pushing ourselves in a particularly new direction, sonically.

"As Redman had pretty much nutted out the main drive of the song, when it came for the rest of us to texture the song further from the initial idea, there was only one way it could go. A testament to his writing style really.

"It should be considered a taster track for what's to come from us - we didn't really want to overdo it, so it's just got a nice, spacey atmosphere that you just sit inside when you listen to the song," Michael says.

'Here' is released Friday 28 June. The Limbs launch 'Here' at Indian Ocean Hotel (Perth) 28 June. They also play Around The Sound at Badlands (Perth) with Legs Electric, Datura4 and Band Of Missfits.


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