Premiere: Stream The Beamish Brothers' New Single 'Crying With No Tears'

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The Beamish Brothers new single is titled 'Crying With No Tears'. The Beamish Brothers new single is titled 'Crying With No Tears'.

Heartfelt alt-pop with a significant message highlights The Beamish Brothers latest offering, the tender ballad 'Crying With No Tears'.

A rising duo of multitalented siblings, 2019 marks the offical launch of The Beamish Brothers after creating music under a different alias.

'Crying With No Tears' describes the story of a friend struggling to open up about an abusive relationship. "We wanted to encapsulate the feeling of seeing someone hit rock bottom while still putting on a brave face. The song is emotional but has a movement to it as the story unfolds."

With an Asia tour and a support slot for Tia Gostelow booked in June (as well as an upcoming EP release), the brothers are quickly garnering attention.

scenestr is stoked to premiere an exclusive stream of 'Crying With No Tears' ahead of the single's commercial release 24 May.

The creation process for the song also morphed over time as a "pre-chorus" kept "popping up in different songs.

"However, it really clicked when Jeremy wrote the chorus. The whole message of the song then changed from first person to third person, and we both crafted the lyrics based on a friend’s experience rather than our own."

The song also features a gospel choir at the end. "We ended up spending weeks trying to figure out how to end the song - until Ben suggested bringing in a gospel choir for an a capella chorus.

"So that’s what we did. We didn’t know what we were in for until ten of our singer friends were packed into one, tiny room belting out our song. It was something we’ve always wanted to do and it’s now one of our favourite moments from the upcoming EP."


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