Premiere: Stream THD's Debut EP 'Home Invasion'

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Brisbane rap group THD will release their debut EP 'Home Invasion' 12 November, 2018. Brisbane rap group THD will release their debut EP 'Home Invasion' 12 November, 2018.

Brisbane rap group THD are ready to unload their debut EP, 'Home Invasion', next week.

Blazing, trap-inspired beats with scorchingly honest raps, this is hip hop perfect for listening with headphones as equally as tearin' up the dancefloor with your best Saturday-night shapes.

Together since they were 15 performing at high school talent shows, THD have quickly emerged from their own basement set-up since officially coming together last year to flourish with a string of singles.

The three-track 'Home Invasion' release opens with the grimey '000' complete with sirens that has an east-coast feel. Second track 'Storm' features thunder and rain in the intro that leads into a foreboding beat with revolving female-male vocals.

While last track 'Watch Out' is a slower affair, but still as intense as the preceding joints - the ideal pick-yourself-up song for any situation.

scenestr is hyped to be able to premiere the 'Home Invasion' EP today, ahead of its proper release on Monday (12 November).

"The process of writing the 'Home Invasion' EP was definitely more complex than our previous three singles," THD member Dee says.

"We tried our best to combine different sounds for every track to create the most non-repetitive, but flowing tracklist we could in our time frame.

"So getting into a different mindset for each track was a challenge, but we believe we executed it. We'll let you be the judge."

THD officially release 'Home Invasion' EP 12 November.


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