Premiere: Stream TAMMA's Debut Single 'Beat You Down'

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TAMMA's debut single is titled 'Beat You Down'. TAMMA's debut single is titled 'Beat You Down'.

With a large slice of upbeat-sparkly pop, newcomer TAMMA shines with her debut single 'Beat You Down'.

The perfect anthem for anyone in need of a pump-up song, TAMMA's first offering buzzes with infectious energy that will leave your ears tingling in a good way.

With a sound that is in the same neighbourhood as Lorde, Sia and Lily Allen, TAMMA aka Tammy Martin explains that 'Beat You Down' comes from a dark period in her family's recent past.

"As I was writing 'Beat You Down', I thought about my family and the hard stuff we have faced in recent years. I've had vocal surgery twice.

"However, losing my voice and identity seemed trivial after the tragic and sudden loss of my nephew Buddy in 2016. The loss threw me into an unknown and scary place, as I realised how quickly life can change and turn on you.

"Suddenly my main priority in life was to get my sister, family and myself through the grief and confusion."

Ahead of its commercial release 12 October, scenestr is excited to be able to share an exclusive stream of 'Beat You Down' today.

TAMMA used the process of writing 'Beat You Down' to uplift her family after the tragedy they had endured. "Music is my healer and I wanted to write something to make them feel uplifted – the way music does for me.

"I was thinking about my little nieces (and nephews) navigating through life at different ages and stages; it's confusing enough as a young one, but then trying to understand that loss on top of that is so hard.

"I thought about my own journey, what it's like to be a female today. 'Beat You Down' came at the last minute and it's a message for my nieces: if they ever feel discouraged or hurt, don't let it beat you down. Stay close to your loved ones… it's a message for anyone who needs a pick-me-up. Life's bigger than letting toxic people or trivial things get to you."

'Beat You Down' will be available from 12 October. TAMMA plays Farouk's Olive (Melbourne) 21 October.


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