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Small Voices is Sydney musician Jack Perry, and is the product of blue skies and day dreams from the beaches somewhere in far-north NSW.

Small Voices has been working on his debut EP, 'Australian Holiday', writing and recording at Sydney's infamous Hibernian House (it's rumoured that Nick Cave and Kylie once sojourned on the roof there in the '90s). "The EP is influenced from the happenings in my life from a short while ago," Jack says.

"'Australian Holiday' is about the times here and then, and the people and places that come and go. The trivialities that we experience and the human desire for wishing that things were different from the way they are."

With mixing duties carried out by Tony Espy (The Avalanches, The Church), Small Voices' debut release is a lush affair and shoegazing dream and while the press release notes the music is a blend of MGMT and Prince it's an apt description for a collection of songs that will ear-worm their way into your playlists.

"Australian Holiday is short and sweet," Jack says. "I wrote these songs when I was very much into the early Beatles albums like ‘Please Please Me’. A lot of their songs barely get over the two-minute mark, but are full of ideas."

"We live according to the narrative we tell ourselves and we pick and choose the things that join us in that story," Jack says. "In these songs I’m letting some of that narrative slip."

Small Voices plays Hibernian House (Sydney) 2 September.


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