Premiere: Stream Resin Dogs' New Album 'Notorious D.O.G.'

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Resin Dogs release their new album, 'Notorious D.O.G.', 23 November 2018. Resin Dogs release their new album, 'Notorious D.O.G.', 23 November 2018.

Prick up your ears and raise the woof because Resin Dogs are out of the kennel with a brand new album, 'Notorious D.O.G.', due for release on Friday (23 November).

It's been ten years since their last album, with Resin Dogs taking some personal time in between as well as working on other projects with their label Hydrofunk Records.

'Notorious D.O.G.' features a rogues' gallery of collaborators, such as Simon Durrington aka SiFixion, Abstract Rude, Plutonic Lab, Dialectrix, Mantra and 'Mr Hip Hop' himself, Hau.

"Look, if the people dig it that will be amazing, if radio decide to play it great," DJ Katch told us in a recent interview.

Ahead of the album's release Friday, scenestr is ecstatic to be able to share an exclusive stream of the entire 'Notorious D.O.G.' album today. Schmackos not included.

"This record is a struggle of mixed emotions and things we have gone through to release something that we are happy to present," Katch adds.

"We have the old-school supporters and some new people discovering our music, so that's really cool for us and we are grateful for that, but the main thing is that we are happy with it ourselves.

"I hadn't listened to the project in a while and when I came back to it, it was actually really refreshing to hear."

'Notorious D.O.G.' is available 23 November.


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