Premiere: Stream Luke Carlino's New Single 'Heartstops'

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Melbourne-based musician, Luke Carlino's new single is titled 'Heartstops'. Melbourne-based musician, Luke Carlino's new single is titled 'Heartstops'.

Blending indie with electronic, while injecting a soothing dose of hip hop, Melbourne-based musician Luke Carlino returns with a new single, 'Heartstops', from his forthcoming EP 'Beasts'.

The Adelaide native has worked with noted producers SixFour (A.B Original, Caiti Baker) on the 'Beasts' EP.

"'Heartstops' was the first song I wrote for the new EP and showed to SixFour, so it really set the tone for the style and feel of the EP," Luke says.

"Musically it's quite bright, but lyrically it touches on death and relationships. I wrote it soon after I lost my uncle and was obsessed with spending as much time as I could with loved ones because it can all be gone in a second.

"So this weird love song driven by the fear of death emerged, and that is 'Heartstops'."

Ahead of 'Heartstops' commercial release on Friday (23 November), Luke has shared an exclusive stream of the single that scenestr is stoked to be able to premiere today. Enjoy.

When it came to working with SixFour on producing the EP, Luke says it was a wild adventure.

"There was some hefty collaboration, which I loved because making music in a room with SixFour is the best. We went from home studios to rehearsal rooms to jam ideas and every second of it was super fun times.

"This EP is a lot more electronic and pop-tinged when compared to my other releases, but there are still enough guitars and hip hop beats to tie it all in."

'Heartstops' is released Friday 23 November.


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