Premiere: Stream Lisa Caruso's New Single 'Shake Baby Shake'

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Sydneysider Lisa Caruso's latest single is titled 'Shake Baby Shake'. Sydneysider Lisa Caruso's latest single is titled 'Shake Baby Shake'.

As if taken direct from a David Lynch soundtrack, Lisa Caruso's newest creation, the single 'Shake Baby Shake', melds sizzling indie rock reminiscent of yesteryear that's still achingly modern with brooding blues-inspired guitar licks and Lisa's vocals that bruise with their honesty.

The Sydneysider has been busy working on a new collection of music with guitarist Benjamin Fletcher (Sarah Blasko, Marina and the Diamonds) on production in both the UK and in Australia after a forced break due to a relapse in sickness.

"I'm super excited to be back. I had been unwell, so I couldn't pour everything I had into the scene for a little while," Lisa declares.

"I kept writing though, and I bought an electric guitar and started playing solo gigs to work on a new sound.

"When it was time, I went to London and worked with Benjamin Fletcher on some tracks. 'Shake Baby Shake' sort of rose to the top. It makes the most sense for my return and I really love the way it's turned out."

For fans of PJ Harvey, Cat Power and Mazzy Star (even Lana Del Rey), scenestr is stoked to be able to premiere an exclusive stream of 'Shake Baby Shake' today. Your ears will thank you later.

"I think 'Shake Baby Shake' was the track we worked on first," Lisa continues. "I pretty much fell in love with the baritone guitar, which definitely set the mood.

"And Ben and I share a love for '90s indie/ alt music. So artists like Radiohead, Nick Cave and PJ Harvey played over in our minds.

"It's definitely got a lot more edge than my previous releases. But really, the instrumentation just started to marry the lyrics (there's a word for that!). That's how I like to create music."

Lisa Caruso Tour Dates

Sun 2 Dec - The Golden Barley Hotel (Sydney)
Sat 8 Dec - Petersham Bowling Club (Sydney)* single launch
Thu 13 Dec - Franks Wild Years (Wollongong)


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