Premiere: Stream Kurilpa Reach's New Single 'Bilson'

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Brisbane group Kurilpa Reach's new single is titled 'Bilson'. Brisbane group Kurilpa Reach's new single is titled 'Bilson'.

It's almost like The Flaming Lips were hanging out with The Police and decided to invite Tame Impala over for a jam… and they created Kurilpa Reach.

The Brisbane-based roots, reggae, psych-rock five-piece are purveyors of 'suave grooves' who first arrived on the scene last year.

Supports since with the likes of The Mouldy Lovers, Tape/Off and Asha Jefferies have built their reputation for supplying chilled beats with lazy head-nod riffs.

Kurilpa Reach are ready to unleash their next chapter with the new single 'Bilson' out tomorrow. But scenestr have been given the scoop with an exclusive premiere of 'Bilson' today. Level up.

"'Bilson', the new single off our upcoming EP, is a taste of things to come - combining scintillating skanks, saucy sax and a sprinkling of delicious dub," band member Luke says.

"We've worked hard on this one, over half a year in the making to ensure we squeezed every last drop of KR attitude we could and are stoked to share it with the world.

"'Bilson' reflects on the rather hypercritical relationship the boys have with their vices, a sentiment as true now as it was when first written way back in the band's first few months. It's a consistent crowd favourite; we can't wait to release this track and hope it becomes a permanent fixture on the lips of our fans."

Kurilpa Reach bring their psychedelic skank to The Flying Cock (Brisbane) 31 August.


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