Premiere: Stream Jacob Thrum's Debut EP 'Handwritten'

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Jacob Thrum's debut EP is titled 'Handwritten'. Jacob Thrum's debut EP is titled 'Handwritten'.

Brisbane solo pop-punk artist Jacob Thrum is literally bursting at the seams with excitement ahead of the commercial release tomorrow (13 April) of his debut solo EP, 'Handwritten'.

Late last year, Jacob "departed" from the pop-punk band Last Til Dawn "searching for something different". "It took a few months before I actually found the direction I wanted to head in and once I found that it was easy."

Well sorta. There was still a lot of work ahead of Jacob as he needed to write all the instrument parts during the songwriting process. "The songwriting was a little challenging due to the fact it was only myself writing the songs, so I didn’t have someone else to give direct feedback or advice.

"I ended up always sending the demos out to friends to get some overall opinions," Jacob says.

"All the songwriting was done before I put together the band, so whenever I was writing it had to be one instrument at a time which was also a bit of a challenge."

The result is a "more edgy pop rock" sound inspired by the likes of YungBlud. Today, scenestr is stoked to be able to share an exclusive stream of the 'Handwritten' EP for your ears listening pleasure.

Jacob will debut his live show tomorrow as well, playing The Flamin' Galah in Brisbane to officially launch 'Handwritten'. He'll be joined by support acts Alaina, Kaloptic and Rowan Russell.

Did someone say 'cake'? The show also doubles as a Jacob's 21st birthday bash - happy birthday mate.

Jacob has also put together his own backing band to join him onstage. "My band is made up from a group of my friends that are all heavily involved in the Brisbane music scene.

"I always love watching them play live and thought it would be sick to put together sort of a ‘supergroup’ to accompany me during live shows.

"The band features: Sam Reynolds (bass), Noah Murphy (drums), Tom Doble (lead guitar) and Sebastian Ionita (rhythm guitar).

"These guys have really stepped up. I have given them pretty much an hour long set list to learn two months out from my debut live show. Even though they still have commitments to the different bands they are in, they have smashed it out and are looking to put on a crazy, live show."

Without consulting his magic 8-ball, what does the future hold? "Everyone one that is a musician would be lying if they didn’t want to make it to the big leagues, but getting there requires a lot of hard work," confesses Jacob.

"This year I’ve got my debut EP alongside my debut live show/ EP launch, which I hope will sell out.

"I will be going straight back into the studio to start writing some new music for the second EP. I am already doing some planning for it and I feel it will be something no one has ever heard before.

"Hopefully in the last six months of the year I will be able to snag up a few supports spots as a local artist when bands come to town. Basically, I want to do what I love and whatever happens along the way I will tackle head on."

Jacob Thrum launches his 'Handwritten' EP at The Flamin' Galah (Brisbane) 13 April.


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