Premiere: Stream Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy's New Single 'Invisible Kids'

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Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy's new single is titled 'Invisible Kids'. Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy's new single is titled 'Invisible Kids'.

Melbourne jazz-soul ensemble Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy return with their second single, 'Invisible Kids', that is released tomorrow (12 September).

Melbourne via Mumbai guitarist and vocalist Chinmay Sinha wrote the song after he was inspired by the work he does with at-risk children. "'Invisible Kids' was written by myself, initially all as a guitar and vocal duo," Chinmay says. "It later morphed into what it is with the band's input.

"It's inspired by at-risk kids who I teach music to on a regular basis. The resilience and courage of these kids is inspiring and humbling at the same time.

"They're often branded as bad apples by our society, but everyone I've taught has been like any other kid who would blossom in a healthy home environment. I wrote the initial concept for the video and I was lucky that an amazing director like Eugenie who was into the idea."

scenestr is proud to premiere the accompanying video for 'Invisible Kids' today.

Chinmay formed the Jazz Lobotomy in 2017 as a way to explore his own identity and culture through music within Australia. Growing up in two different cultures, the Indian-Australian musician bounced back and forth between Australia and his homeland before settling in Melbourne in his teens.

"Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy kind of represents the exploration of my own identity and mental health as a by-product of societal expectations from growing up in two different cultures.

"One of my broader goals is to create representation for the people of my ethnicity and culture in the Australian arts and music community. I think we can't be what we can't see, and I want people from migrant backgrounds to see themselves in the creative arts here in Australia."

'Invisible Kids' is released 12 September.


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