Premiere: Stream Colour Machine's New Single 'Laughing Last'

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Adelaide band Colour Machine's new single is titled 'Laughing Last'. Adelaide band Colour Machine's new single is titled 'Laughing Last'.

Adelaide-based alternative-rock trio Colour Machine are back with a new single, 'Laughing Last', which is the lead track from their third EP 'Strengthen My Hands' (which is to be released 19 October).

Envision vivid riffs, exotic drum-fills and then, to top it all off, wailing lead vocals from none other than the drummer himself, Anthony Donato.

The vocals alone are impressive enough as Anthony rocks a range that is reminiscent of Cederic Bixler-Zavala (The Mars Volta, At The Drive-In), but then, once acknowledging the fact that he is playing these highly technical drum patterns at the same time as belting out a chorus is enough to leave anyone dumbfounded.

Those looking for an audible signpost for 'Laughing Last', it sounds a little like a Grinspoon-Muse-End Of Fashion hybrid.

"'Laughing Last' is about a lot of different aspects of integrity, but in particular continuing to look at 'where the clouds and the mountains intersect' - keep looking forward," Anthony says.

scenestr is amped to be able to premiere an exclusive stream of 'Laughing Last' ahead of its release tomorrow (14 September) on all major streaming outlets.


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