Premiere: Stream Bad Friends' Debut Single 'The Trip Is Over'

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Bad Friends debut single is titled 'The Trip Is Over'. Bad Friends debut single is titled 'The Trip Is Over'.

Perth grunge, alternative act Bad Friends are ready to release their debut single, 'The Trip Is Over', this Friday (5 October).

The new song lyrically explores that space where you can find yourself in a rut or a hole you don't seem to be able to escape. "'The Trip Is Over' is about the times you find yourself trapped at certain points in your life, where you're in a bit of a rut or in a bad place mentally," the band says.

"You know where you need to be in order to get out of that rut, but you're scared to initiate that change, unwilling or unable to accept help from friends because 'it won't help anyway', and it's almost impossible to be motivated enough to start the change because you're not in a great place to begin with.

"It's about how down you feel because of how hard it is to acknowledge the fact that you yourself are the biggest obstacle in the path to your own happiness.

"You've started to wonder why you're stuck in such a sh.t place, why nothing is changing, but you still can't help yourself. Periods of introspection are always important when trying to overcome phases like that."

scenestr is amped to be able to premiere an exclusive stream of 'The Trip Is Over' today ahead of Bad Friends next 'Bad Gig' show this Saturday (6 October).

"The writing process for this song was a typical one for us," the trio of Darren Saldanha, Jack Flinn and Riley Coles says. "It was during a period where we were making a conscious effort to move away from the standard verse/ chorus/ verse/ chorus song structure.

"Jack wrote the basic lyrics and the chords to the introduction and chorus, and from there we fleshed out those parts to embody the full band. Darren and Riley worked on the parts that sit between Jack's work, tying them together in terms of dynamics, feel and rhythm."

Bad Friends will officially launch 'The Trip Is Over' at Bad Gig 4 at Rosemount Hotel on Saturday with a few of their band friends along for the ride including New Talk, Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics, Pat Chow, Your Girl Pho, Kopano, Raksha, Sonnenmasse, Chip Hazzard, Tashi, Noah Dillon, Ghost Care, Nod, Heavy Flow.

The Bad Gig series started off as DIY house gigs, which evolved from 'ragers' in people's backyards, to the VHS driveway and then a massive nine-hour sold-out gig at Mojos in January this year, which we described as: 'Keep an eye out for Bad Gig 4 and you'll be rewarded with good friends, good music and a guaranteed good time.'

Bad Gig 4 takes place at Rosemount Hotel (Perth) Saturday 6 October.


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