Premiere: Stream Annie Joelle's Debut Single 'Beautiful Mistake'

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Brisbane-based folk singer-songwriter, Annie Joelle's debut single is titled 'Beautiful Mistake'. Brisbane-based folk singer-songwriter, Annie Joelle's debut single is titled 'Beautiful Mistake'.

Originally from Western Australia, Brisbane-based folk singer-songwriter Annie Joelle is an active member of the local music community with regular appearances at QPAC's Green Jam, The Zoo and The Foundry.

With inspiration drawn from the likes of Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin and Julia Stone, Annie's sound is distinctly modern, but infused with a gentle breeze of'70s-sounding indie-folk angels.

Her debut single is titled 'Beautiful Mistake', an emotive tale about lovers destined to fail. Hauntingly stark, crystal-clear vocals that breathe luscious life into her lyrics, Annie is a voice you'll be hearing more in the coming months and years.

"The idea for 'Beautiful Mistake' came to me while I was at work," Annie says. "I was chatting to a friend at work about the stuff going on in my life and the phrase 'beautiful mistake' came into my head. I quickly wrote it down.

"The song was written around that phrase specifically, about a week after I first had the idea. I think the song represents my growth as an artist. Writing, producing and recording the song was such a learning and growing process for me. Bringing the song to life was a really special experience for me."

Ahead of the song's official release tomorrow, scenestr is proud to premiere an exclusive stream of 'Beautiful Mistake' today. So put on the kettle, make yourself a green tea and enjoy the sounds of Annie Joelle.

"In terms of the lyrics, to me the song reflects on a love that couldn't work anymore, but no feelings of regret are present. Not every love can last forever, but the fact that it was once love is still special."

Annie Joelle joins Ben Dalton, Josh Coxon and poet Derek Tickner for 'B-Sides' at The Milk Factory (Brisbane) 20 November.


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