Premiere: Stream Aine Tyrrell's Newest Single 'Row Back The Levy'

Aine Tyrrell's newest single is titled 'Row Back The Levy'. Aine Tyrrell's newest single is titled 'Row Back The Levy'.

A treasure of the local folk circuit, Ireland's Aine Tyrrell is back down under after spending 2017 traversing her homeland in search of all the nooks and crannies (lounge rooms, front bars, old churches) that would adapt to her portable recording studio.

The result is her second album, 'Return To The Sea', which she'll release in January.

But not before she gives a taste of the new record in the form of the single 'Row Back The Levy' - a song she penned with Cara Robinson (Hat Fitz and Cara).

"Cara and I had had some conversations about what it meant to be from two different sides of the border in Ireland. We are one island, but a border divides us in so many ways," Aine says.

"[With] both of us being so far from Ireland and living in Australia makes you see things from a different perspective, and being abroad also means you meet so many stereotypes of the generations of hatred that don't serve our countries anymore."

Set to be released tomorrow (8 November), scenestr is stoked to be able to share an exclusive stream of 'Row Back The Levy' today. Winning days.

"The song was our way I suppose of uniting in our musical sisterhood from North and South [Ireland], and from our political perspectives on what we wish for our country's future.

"Our president Michael D Higgins summed it up beautifully recently: 'Shared island, shared Ireland', which is probably a shorter more succinct way of saying what Cara and I penned in song."

As a sampler of what the rest of 'Return To The Sea' sounds like, Aine says she has explored new territory. "My producer and I have definitely taken a lot more creative risks on this album and it's moving into its own genre.

"I am not really sure how to describe this sound except that it is a real stomper of a song. The song in sound and sentiment reflects that I am making some serious noise now.

"I am no longer just writing from my own personal experience, but writing from what I see in the world and I am unapologetically loud about it.

"I think this song and album is full of righteous anger, but hopefully with a dash of grace and it reflects not only where I am right now but the times we are living in."

Aine Tyrrell Tour Dates

Sat 17 Nov - Mullum Music Festival (Northern Rivers)
Fri 23 Nov - Tintenbar Hall (NSW)
Sat 24 Nov - Fields of Healing Festival (Byron Bay)
Sat 1 Dec - The Junk Bar (Brisbane)
Wed 5 Dec - Bar Open (Melbourne)
Sat 8 Dec - No 5 Church (Northern Rivers)


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