Premiere: Stream 1000 Cuts' Debut Single 'No Reservations'

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1000 Cuts debut single is titled 'No Reservations'. 1000 Cuts debut single is titled 'No Reservations'.

Staunch supporters of local music as well as mental well-being advocates, Deb Suckling and Craig Spann are also veteran musos who are back with a new musical project, 1000 Cuts.

The duo are best known for their earlier bands Brindle and Lucy Star Satellite, as well as supporting countless others via their Brisbane-based record label Sugarrush Music.

The first taste of 1000 Cuts is the dreamy, brooding and bruised indie rock-pop of 'No Reservations', a song recorded with engineer and long-time collaborator Jeff Lovejoy.

While the musical chops of 'No Reservations' hint at many more good things to come from 1000 Cuts, the song also explores a deeper meaning with its lyrics dealing with mental illness, self-harm and personal grief.

“Mental illness and suicide, particularly among the creative community, is something that so many of us have had to confront over the past year,” Deb says.

“People are more comfortable speaking about it in an open and constructive way… but we still have a very long way to go. If nothing else, I think for us being totally honest through a song like this is us trying to be part of that process. We really aren’t interested in holding back any more.”

scenestr is proud to be able to premiere an exclusive stream of 'No Reservations' today. Enjoy.

The first piece of music the duo have written together in eight years, 1000 Cuts currently have an album in production and hope to release it later this year. “We have spent a long time wanting to make new music, but we wanted to do something we have never really done before,” Deb says.

“We have done the acoustic folk thing and the all-out noise rock thing. But it wasn’t until we sat down and made this song that we hit on the kind of direction we wanted to take.

“From there things have started to come together. The new record is still a way off, but we wanted to put this song out while it was still fresh and important to us. I think it’s a line in the sand.”

1000 Cuts launch the band and ‘No Reservations’ with a special show at Junk Bar (Brisbane) Sunday 3 February (from 5pm) with special guests Lydia 
Fairhall and The Drowning Peace.


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