Premiere: Listen To Lyon Apprentice's New Single 'Starlight'

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Lyon Apprentice release their new single 'Starlight' 16 February, 2018. Lyon Apprentice release their new single 'Starlight' 16 February, 2018.

After a two-year stint living in Manchester, Australian brother duo Lyon Apprentice have now settled in Melbourne.

The brothers Adam and Nathan Lyons, who are also members of new-wave rockers Fairchild, began writing acoustic tracks initially as a side project.

Their latest effort is a minty-fresh offering of intoxicating pop with washes of indie folk-rock; 'Starlight' was written during their final month in the UK.

"We both don't like writing lyrics. It's not something we ever look forward to," Adam Lyons says.

"When it came time to put words to 'Starlight', we sat down in a coffee shop all day in Manchester and wrote about what we saw: snapshots of moments, the invisible lives of strangers and a typical English winter's day unfolding before us.

"That's how the recording process went too. We took our time, enjoyed ourselves and didn't aim for anything beyond reach. 'Starlight' is a mix of happy accidents and words written in half-awake states."

'From creaky, howling folk dirges to sparkling dream-pop ballads, the Melbourne-based duo distils recollections of past homes, old friends and lost loves into a back catalogue of songs that is instantly relatable.'

'Starlight' is released 16 February.


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