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Peter Bibby plays Mojo's Bar (Fremantle) 18 November. Peter Bibby plays Mojo's Bar (Fremantle) 18 November.
With his first taste of new music (the single 'Medicine') in three years, WA musician Peter Bibby is currently in the middle of a national tour that has already seen him traverse the east coast including showcases at BIGSOUND.

Ahead of a local show, Peter sat down for a quick chat revealing he likes to practice flying like superman when he's not sprinkling the world with mandarins on weekends. Ok Peter.

You showcased recently at BIGSOUND in Brisbane; how were the shows? Pick up new fans along the way?
[Peter]The shows were fun. I think we freaked a few people out with our newer, heavier stuff but people seemed to dig it. We had some good responses from some international labels, which was basically our main focus.

What is Peter Bibby's ideal weekend? "Learning to fly Superman style and sprinkling the world with mandarins."

You've commenced a national tour throughout October; how have the first few shows gone?
They've been bloody great. Brisbane has been my favourite so far; The Bearded Lady is a lovely little pub.

You have a home-town show at Mojo's in November; anything extra special planned for the set?
You'll have to come and find out.

Your current single is 'Medicine'; are you working on another album release? If so, what can we expect next from you?
'Medicine' is part of a full-length album, which has been finished for over a year now; [it] should be released in three or four months.

We've also recorded another one in the last two weeks. The latest one is fairly raucous, and the old-new one is perhaps a bit more sonically explorative than my debut.

[Ed's note: Peter won Most Popular Music Video for 'Medicine' at the WAM Awards 2 Nov, 2017]

Richard Kingsmill posted a nice comment about 'Medicine' to your Triple J Unearthed page… that must be priceless promo?
Abso-f#$%ing-lutely. Thanks Richard.

The clip for 'Medicine' is pretty cool, if a little gross-yuck with the visuals; how did that creative process come together? Was the board game 'Operation' an influence?
I believe it was. The concept was by director Aaron Mcann who did an amazing job. I just laid on a cold, metal table and mimed the words to my song pretty much.

Do you enjoy life on the road when touring?
Yeah mate, bloody love adventuring around meeting new people and singing songs in strange places.

What is one aspect of touring the general public would never consider, but is a major part of life on the road?

What is Peter Bibby's ideal weekend?
Learning to fly superman style and sprinkling the world with mandarins.

We're nearing the end of 2017… what new music/ bands have caught your attention this year?
Carla Geneve, Glenzy, Buddy Dingo, Stella Donnelly, Party Dozen. I could go on forever.

And the rest of 2017 for Peter Bibby; are you already eyeing off 2018?
Absolutely, but I am not at liberty to disclose any related information at this time.

Peter Bibby plays Mojo's Bar (Fremantle) 18 November.


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