Peach Fur Offer Samples Of Their Reggae-Surf-Psych Milkshake At Shakafest

  • Written by  Ellen Cook
  • Thursday, 28 July 2016 13:08
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Peach Fur Peach Fur

The Gold Coast boys that make up Peach Fur have a sound that singer Denny describes as a psychedelic, love, dreamy, rock & rock and reggae-surf-psych milkshake.

The relatively new band have already played a bunch of live shows as well as having their 2015 debut single, 'Meant To Be', added to Triple J's Unearthed playlist. "It was unbelievable,” admits Denny about the Triple J recognition.

“We recorded in one day, live as well. So to wake up and hear that our song was played on Triple J was unbelievable. We were stoked!"

The lads will bring their unique blend to Shakafest in August. As Gold Coast locals, the festival is an event the band are excited to be a part of. “We got asked to play after a live show we played at the Miami Bar. We were the first band on the bill. We are keen to play and see the other bands. We know Ivey so we are keen to see them.”

The band is passionate about live shows and are excited to be a part of the Gold Coast music scene. “We are keen to play as many live shows as possible, we would play every night. The enjoyable thing about playing shows is meeting new people and seeing others play. The Gold Coast has changed a bit; it has become more of a culture to go out and see lives shows.”

Ahead of Shakafest, the band have been working on new material. “We have a love of music from bands like Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. Our new stuff is different to the previous stuff, it's more rock & roll. At the moment we are recording and getting our sound down.”

The process of developing new songs is constant Denny says. The change of direction the band has taken has developed though their songwriting sessions. “The songs have to start with an idea and then they stem from there. I never write lyrics first. I get an idea, create a vibe and go from there. The lyrics comes afterwards. Where the song goes lyrically is based on how it is stylistically.”

The band have had multiple standout moments, including the launch of their first EP, 'Pleasures & Necessities', where they played to 150 people. Although Denny explains the best moment so far has been recording. “Recording the music really brought us together; it was like a bonding experience. It was great.”

As a young band, they are ambitious. “We want to travel the world!” Denny enthusiastically says. “We are keen to keep playing live shows and recording music. We are a live band and playing live is amazing, so that's what we wanna keep doing."

Peach Fur play Shakafest at the Miami Tavern (Gold Coast) 27 August. The band also play Nightquarter (Gold Coast) 19 August.


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