Parcels Brisbane Review @ The Triffid

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  • Friday, 11 January 2019 12:59
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Parcels played The Triffid (Brisbane) 9 January, 2019. Parcels played The Triffid (Brisbane) 9 January, 2019. Image © Creation Saffigna

As Byron Bay boys Parcels came to the stage, The Triffid (9 January) was brightened by the stage lights as they were greeted by loud applause.

Parcels had the crowd in the palm of their hand in an instant, kicking off the set with the seamless combo of ‘Comedown’ and ‘Lightenup’; the familiar opening tracks off their recent self-titled album.

Parcels deliver a sound that is distinctly their own. Fusing Beatles-like harmonies with Chic-like guitar and keyboard/ synth work reminiscent of their time in Berlin. Their music is as comforting and smooth as it is bone plucking and funky.

Parcels.2Image © Creation Saffigna

As musicians, each member is extremely talented in their own right and together they create a performance that can drop you into the deepest groove while also holding you with a gentle and subtle grace.

Every element of their show was tuned to perfection. Everything from instrumental transitions between songs to their outfits were choreographed and styled to a tee.

Each song moved eloquently to the next ensuring that the finger was not taken from the pulse for a second and that the audience was either singing along to their beautiful melodies or getting down to their playful grooves.

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The boys of Parcels were tangibly impressed with their Brisbane reception. Enthusiasm burst forth in roars for every killer song and badass moment that they gave us.

And though the crowd were singing along to almost every song that they played, it was during their hit ‘Tieduprightnow’ that the boys seemed most surprised and stoked to hear their lyrics echoed back to them at such a volume. Grins broke over their faces and guitarist Jules Crommelin yelled out with glee: “You can sing Brisbane!”

Another epic moment was the eight-minute instrumental ‘Everyroad’. A song that could make a dead man dance, which builds and builds, layer upon layer of masterfully composed Parcels magic to the anticipated climax of an absolutely fat-dub drop.

A chunky, electronic warble that tastefully contrasts their usual style while forcing bodies to move and minds to melt. It is a well-known moment in their album and everyone made sure to give it, its due by getting down like animals when it dropped.

Parcels.3Image © Creation Saffigna

While most of the set was from their new album (songs like ‘Withorwithout’, ‘IknowhowIfeel’, ‘Bemyself’) they didn’t forget to include the earlier songs that got them to where they are today. Tunes like ‘Overnight’ and ‘Older’ were also woven into the set and received with adoration.

Parcels are carving a path for themselves as archetypes for a genre of music that is new and incredibly fun. They are playing their cards with subtlety and poise, and it is working for them famously. They are taking off like a rocket and it is because they really are a good band. They have real skill and mojo, yet their music is also kind and friendly in a way that takes you somewhere peaceful.

You get what you give and Parcels are giving something genuine and beautiful. Only fitting they should be celebrated as genuine and beautiful musicians in return.


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