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P!nk P!nk Image © Ryan Aylsworth

P!nk is a force in the music industry and her 'Beautiful Trauma' tour brought that to life in a spectacle of lights, choreography, set pieces, acrobatics and killer tracks.

The artist's last few tours – and performances in general – have seen her embrace the art of circus and acrobatics and for some (admittedly including me) it began to feel a little dated. However, when you witness her in person and are actually exposed to the sheer physicality and energy put into it, it's easier to appreciate.

P!nk smashed through a brilliant setlist of over 20 songs, opening with 'Get The Party Started' as she swung from a chandelier.

The show is high energy from start to finish. Not only does P!nk display ridiculously impressive vocal abilities while performing aerial stunts with fellow dancers but she also nails some polished choreography on the ground.

A good show always has its highlights and the 'Beautiful Trauma' tour left the audience with a handful of memorable moments...

Image © Sean Finney

A hysterical ad for a make-believe theme park called Revenge Land played on the screen as an interlude, showcasing its many sadistic attractions for troubled couples.

The angsty 'Just A Girl' by No Doubt and 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana received gloriously hyperactive cover treatments as well, P!nk using the stage space to her advantage by running up and down its runways and waving to audience members on either side.

'Try', a beautiful song on its own, gets a fairytale-esque setting and costuming complete with its powerful interpretive choreography routine.

P!nk scaled the entire arena in mid-air for 'So What', giving ticket holders of all sections a chance to see the singer up close; something she's famous for doing. This really amped up the crowd for a big finish before the toned down 'Glitter In The Air'.

Image © Sean Finney

Throughout the show and leaving the arena, one particular phrase would not leave my head: “What a woman”. P!nk has been in the music industry for 18 years and is still selling out arenas. Her Australian tour rounds out at over 30 dates... In this day and age such a length for even an international artist is completely unheard of.

Her success is a result of years of hard work and a clearly dedicated spirit behind the music, her messages and her live shows... The 'Beautiful Trauma' tour was a well-curated exhibition of all of her strengths.

P!nk gave fans exactly what they wanted by keeping classics true to their original sound and putting on a visually appealing, vocally impressive production laced with humour, angst, joy and love.

There are still tickets available for P!nk's remaining shows.

P!nk Tour Dates

17 August – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
18 August – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
20 August – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
21 August – Brisbane Entertainment Centre 
22 August – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
24 August – Qudos Bank Arena (Sydney)
28-29 August – Rod Laver Arena (Melbourne)
17-19 September – Qudos Bank Arena (Sydney)


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