Ocean Grove @ Enigma Bar Review

  • Written by  Thomas Jackson
  • Tuesday, 04 October 2016 14:12
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UNFD hardcore up and comers Ocean Grove performed a headline set at Enigma Bar (30 September) in support of their latest single ‘Lights On Kind Of Lover'.

The behemoth line-up consisted of handpicked support acts chosen by none other than Ocean Grove, including Reactions, A Ghost Orchestra and Coves. Easily one of the most-stacked hardcore line-ups of homegrown talent Adelaide has had all year.

Coves started the night by playing songs off of their debut EP 'Dying Light'. Coves are one of Adelaide’s best hardcore acts, which haven’t yet got the attention they deserve. After their 2015 single ‘Could’ve Would’ve’ perked ears, the band went on to record their debut EP 'Dying Light'.

Although a member short, the band kicked down the door as they christened Enigma Bar. The band played a teasingly short set well under their allotted time. It was a brief knockout that went from melodic, emotional ballads such as ‘Could’ve Would’ve’ to ground-shaking battle cries like ‘Dying Light’.

By the final song, Coves had done their part and warmed up the Adelaide crowd. Coves are heading in the right direction and with a few more songs under their belt they’ll get the attention they deserve.

A Ghost Orchestra started off slow, managing to get a few, loyal listeners in the audience moving after many attempts to liven up the crowd. The band seems to take inspiration from Every Time I Die and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Their music packs a chaotic punch, which is matched in energy by the anarchic stage presence of the band.

Vocalist, Adam dove into the crowd throwing people from side to side and pushing heads while he crowd-surfed as he wore a balaclava with ‘Hell’ written across the front of it. His efforts were rewarded; by the last few songs, the crowd started lashing out and pushing back giving the band what they wanted.

Performing as home-town heroes, Reactions took the stage as a support act. However, the band got a headline response. Everyone in the room vibrated once Reactions hit their first note. In their 30-minute slot, they smashed through their set-list leaving no room for silence.

Reactions sway more towards punk hardcore than the genre-bending metalcore headliners. Their riffs resonate sounds similar to New York hardcore acts Sick Of It All and Biohazard. East coast heed this warning, Reactions are not a support act you rock up late for.

Band of the night, Ocean Grove stepped off where Reactions had begun and kept the buzzing crowd’s heart rate up. Mainly playing songs off of their 2015 EP 'Black Label' the band got Enigma Bar stomping. The band proved why they’re one of UNFD’s best prospects with their genre-bending hardcore/ rap/ metalcore hybrid.

The band treated Adelaide to a new song, presumably to be featured on their next album. The audience in the room were the first ones ever to hear the song and vocalist Luke Holmes shouted at everyone to “get on the stage and jump off it” seeing as nobody could sing-along. Instead the crowd, for some reason, turned the stage into a giant mosh pit, smashing into each other as the band attempted to navigate through them. “Well that’s not what I expected to happen, but that was awesome,” Luke said as he tried to understand what had just happened. Although that felt like the final encore, the band were only four songs in and had plenty to go.

They kept the packed Enigma Bar moving the whole time. Ocean Grove finished with the reason they’re on tour, their latest single ‘Lights On Kind Of Lover’. Every, single person in the room went mental for this final song. It’s exciting to imagine what Ocean Grove’s next album will be like if ‘Lights On Kind Of Lover’ and the new song shared with Adelaide is anything to go by.

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