Noah Slee Blooms With New Music On 'Soulflower'

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  • Tuesday, 06 August 2019 10:33
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Noah Slee's latest single is titled 'Soulflower'. Noah Slee's latest single is titled 'Soulflower'.

New Zealand artist Noah Slee has released a new single called 'Soulflower', his first new music since 2017 album 'Otherland'.

Produced by Noah's regular collaborator Ben Esser, 'Soulflower' is another smooth and sultry offering from Noah featuring a blend of electronica, contemporary soul and progressive R&B that is fast becoming his audio signature.

Coming two years after his 'Otherland' album, 'Soulflower' represents the evolution Noah has undergone in that time, particularly with regard to his confidence as a songwriter and producer. 'Soulflower' foreshadows a new EP from Noah due for release later this year as well as an Australian summer tour.

Currently based in Berlin, Noah takes time to answer our questions and tells us all about his new music and what's coming next for him.

What's been keeping you busy so far this year?
Creating, travelling a lil, more creating, friends, dancefloors, attempting new love.

Your new single 'Soulflower' recently dropped; have you had a chance to gauge how people are reacting to it?
Yeah, it's been so rewarding. People really dig it and I dig that!

Is there a story or message behind the song?
I love that 'Soulflower' has several messages now that it is out. Someone explained it to me that it was a frame of mind or a state of being. To 'soulflower', your soul reaches a higher state and it blooms. That really wiped me out. I love that.

I wrote about two different flowers needing to be together, but due to climate, environment they didn’t survive. A song about a beautiful love that didn't come to fruition.

How does your current music compare/ contrast to that on your 2017 album 'Otherland'?
I feel more confident. I think people responding to my album helped with that.

How do you feel you've evolved as a musician and songwriter since 'Otherland'?
I’m always evolving, learning new things. Since 'Otherland', I’ve been more hands-on with production ideas and trying to add more live instrumentation. I’m always trying to be a better writer. Reading and studying from my favourite musicians and poets. I’m enjoying this ever-evolving process.

Why choose Berlin as a base? What does it offer an artist such as yourself?
I’ve been here for so long now, it feels like home. I connect so deeply with this city and I’ve learnt so much about myself while here.

What do you miss about home?
My family, the ocean, the nature. I miss laughing about nothing with my friends and family. City life has a different flow and things can be tense sometimes, so to not have the ocean can be tough.

Do you have any other new music we can look forward to hearing?
Yes, yes, Y’ALL. Around the corner.

When will you be touring in New Zealand and Australia?
This summer I’m coming back; so excited.

What's coming next for you, and where do you see yourself heading?
I’m working on a EP that will drop this year. This is taking a lot of my energy and I can’t wait to show you all.


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