No Smoko Yet For Ocker Punks The Chats

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  • Tuesday, 20 November 2018 10:59
The Chats have a run of national dates including Shakafest on the Gold Coast. The Chats have a run of national dates including Shakafest on the Gold Coast.

Since their single 'Smoko' became an unexpected viral hit and made them a global phenomenon, Sunshine Coast band The Chats have barely had a chance to take a rest break themselves.

“We've been around the country a few times, we supported Cosmic Psychos and Queens Of The Stone Age, and we [recently] got back from the UK and Europe; we did about ten shows over there,” bassist and frontman Eamon Sandwith says.

Considering the sheer Australian-ness of The Chats – from their use of the word 'smoko' to Eamon sporting the iconic Lifesaver jersey, not to mention his mullet – Eamon says they've found a larger following in the UK and Europe than here at home. “I think we're a lot bigger over there than we are in Australia,” he says.

“It's kind of weird. I think they just love Australians over there, like if you say 'g'day' to someone over there they just lose their minds. They love it. We did bigger rooms over there than we can do over here; there's just more of a market for that kind of thing I guess.”

Now back in the country, The Chats undertake an extensive national tour that includes both headline shows and performances at a number of festivals including Stonecutters in Adelaide and Shakafest on the Gold Coast.

“Should be fun,” Eamon says of the festival slots. “We've only done a few festivals – I think maybe three – so we're still a bit new in those waters but it's always fun, we love it.”

Still fairly new to the festival circuit, Eamon says he and bandmates Josh Price (guitar) and Matt Boggis (drummer) will be working overtime to earn the respect of the audiences.

“Not a new show necessarily; you kind of have to win them over a bit more because sometimes they won't know who you are or know the songs. So sometimes you have to put a bit more of a show on, but we still play the same songs and all that.”

The Chats' tour will also have the band playing with fellow booze-rockers Pist Idiots in a pairing that Eamon admits might be “a bit dangerous”.

“We've always liked those guys and we can't wait for that show,” he says. “A lot of bands have plans for how they're going to drink every night, but we just go into it and deal with it the next day. We're still pretty young so our hangovers aren't too bad; we're well-seasoned.”

As the dust slowly but surely begins to settle on 'Smoko', and the 2017 EP that bore it 'Get This In Ya', The Chats will soon begin work on their next release, though Eamon says the band is in no hurry. “We've recorded a few songs a couple of months ago,” he says.

“We did ten, I think, so we're going to sit with those for a while, maybe redo them, maybe do a couple more. We're not in a rush but we're definitely going to put a new album out next year. People are still discovering us and finding out about us, so we're not in a rush to put something brand new out.”

The Chats play Shakafest at Broadwater Parklands (Gold Coast) 24 November and Stonecutters Festival (Adelaide) 8 December. Click here for full tour dates and details.


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