Naaman Brings His Rays Of Resistance To Australia

With sharpened beats, sweet melodies and positive lyrics, French artist Naaman has created his own style.

A life spent travelling the world, playing his brand of reggae, funk, hip hop, Naaman has several shows this week in Australia.

You're known for explosive, high-energy shows. What is the Naaman live experience like?
Well, I won’t be the right guy to answer this question 'cause I’m standing on stage, doing stuff. All I know is that I'm always trying to give my best to those who come to see us live, and this music is about love so, I guess it must be like a nice and warm wave of love (laughs).

Being on stage, performing… is that an important part of what makes you, you?
Yes sure, I love it. This is an amazing feeling that gives a real dimension to music. A big part of my success is due to my performances, 'cause people can really feel the vibe. And I learn so much about myself when I’m on stage; it made a big part of who I am too. When a small, hidden part of me doesn’t feel like drowning into people's souls, it means that I still got something to fix with myself.

Tell us a little about your last album, 2015's 'Rays Of Resistance’?
'Rays Of Resistance' is about the light everyone has to carry. This album goes deeper in the research of true identity, of spirituality and self balance. It’s a 15-track album, with many variations in the way we did approach the music. A big mix of different influences: reggae, hip hop or soul. I think it's really inspired by the actual situation the world seems to be in today. After all the manipulation and the bombings in Europe, it's crucial to remember what the purpose of life down here is. Everybody knows but no one remember. But it's up to everyone to build his own world, beautiful and full of light.

You collaborated with Big Scoop Records… what did they bring to the project?
Big Scoop Records is our own label, so it brought us independence in the making of this album. It’s easier to work with real friends, who are close to you when you need them. Everything is done with 100 per cent of each one’s heart and that makes a big difference.

What can we expect from your upcoming show at The V Room on he Sunshine Coast?
I’m coming with my DJ and beatmaker Fatbabs and not my whole band, so it’s gonna be a DJ set for the show. We gonna do a bit of each album and some new tracks.

You recently completed a 100-date world tour; that must've been an amazing experience?
Yes, a life on the road is something! I’m very grateful for this great experience. It’s a good learning experience; you can’t hide anything. What is in the shade always comes up to the light and this is for sure a big plus for those who want to find a real balance. Then I got in my head thousand and thousand of smiles that I’m gonna bring with me everywhere I go. And this has no price.

Life on the road… you must enjoy the travel aspect considering the amount of time you spend away from home?
We are doing what we love. I’m so much on the road that I don’t even have a home. The world is a beautiful home for now. Time will tell.

The next six months for Naaman… what is the plan?
The plan is to compose and record the third album and prepare the next tour. And many travels in the between, just for myself.

What have been the two, three albums of 2016 that you have enjoyed (why)?
Jahneration, two brothers of mine from France; it is not released yet but it is a great first album, watch for it. And I have to salute the big roots and chalice mixtape by Chronixx 'cause it's a blast.

Naaman Shows

Thu 3 Nov - The V Room (Sunshine Coast)
Sat 5 Nov - Island Elements Festival (Brisbane)
Mon 7 Nov - Beach Hotel (Byron Bay)

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