My Echo Release Their Debut Album

  • Written by  Emily Oswin
  • Friday, 10 March 2017 13:55
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Earlier this month, Melbourne band My Echo released their debut album, the first since they came together in 2011.

Their new single, 'Meet You There', will feature on their new record titled 'Brothers', which only seems fitting after band members have formed such a strong bond between themselves. Brenton Perry says the band are inseparable and have reflected this in the film clip for the new single.

"We like to have a laugh. We're all best friends you know, we spend every minute together. I don't know if that's weird or not?" Brenton says. "We threw these ideas around for the clip and thought 'maybe another performance one', but that was getting a bit old, so we thought 'let's try this. Let's just dress up and act like dicks.'"

It works. With the guys sporting mullets, sloppy joes, high-waisted jeans and sneakers, it's nothing short of a hilarious and lighthearted showcase of how much the lads love mucking around together. Even King Kong makes an appearance.

"A lot of bands I hear about fight with each other. It sort of seems weird for us because we like to have a laugh and I think being too serious can be detrimental sometimes," Brenton says. "We just wanted to show a bit of a funnier side to us."

After six years of being together, My Echo are set to release their debut album with a national tour to promote it. Brenton says it's hard to pin-point just one thing that has inspired the writing of 'Brothers'.

"I know that's the most cliche answer you'll ever get. I try and let the music dictate what the song is going to be about," Brenton says.

"If it sounds creepy then I sort of want the lyrics and melody to sound creepy. You have this great idea that you want to write a song about X and that song doesn't really warrant the lyrics being about X."

As the longest-standing member of the band, Brenton admits it wasn't always about music for him.

"I started really late. I was so into skateboarding and [even though] it wasn't really what I wanted to do with my life, at the time, it was all I cared about. I came home from school one day and mum had bought a guitar and booked in some lessons for me. I was telling her that 'it sucked and was so lame, all I want to do is skate'."

After one lesson learning to play a Green Day song, he realised his love for music and swapped his skateboard for a guitar. My Echo's debut album will feature songs the group have shaped and crafted across a number of years. Brenton admits it's been a challenge at times.

"I'm a bit of a slow writer... maybe it's because I pick things apart too much, but I have a difficult time just relaxing and letting it happen.

“There's songs on there that are brand new, we've resurrected a few old ones that we started many years ago. Once we had the music the guys came down to where I live and we'd all work on the lyrics. It was good to have the guys around, it felt very collective."

My Echo Tour Dates

11-12 Mar - Sydney Tattoo Expo (Sydney)
Thu 16 Mar - The Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle)
Fri 17 Mar - Brighton Up Bar (Sydney)
Sat 18 Mar - Rad Bar (Wollongong)
Thu 23 Mar - Woolly Mammoth (Brisbane)
Fri 24 Mar - Currumbin Creek Tavern (Gold Coast)

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