Melbourne Band Ogopogo Seek New Cult Followers (And Future Human Sacrifices) On East-Coast Tour

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  • Friday, 02 November 2018 14:12
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Ogopogo's new double A-side release is titled 'Ninja Disco / Paranoia'. Ogopogo's new double A-side release is titled 'Ninja Disco / Paranoia'.

The musical beast of Melbourne ensemble Ogopogo emerges once more, this time with an offering of brand new music in the form of a double A-side single.

Named after the legendary serpent said to dwell under the surface of Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Ogopogo introduced themselves last year with their self-titled EP that showcased the band's laudable songcraft and irreverent humour with tracks like 'Crabs'.

On their new double A-side single, 'Ninja Disco / Paranoia', Ogopogo shift their focus from mythical beasts and vicious crustaceans to the world's most dangerous animals: people, whether they be cutting wild shapes on the dancefloor or dressed as clowns.

Ogopogo will be playing a run of live shows to launch the new recordl; we catch up with their bass player Jamie Mcelhinney, to talk all things musical and zoological.

Tell us about your new double single 'Ninja Disco'/'Paranoia'?
Let's face it, this is a crazy, messed-up world we live in. Sometimes you want to hide away under a rock. Sometimes you just gotta get out there and shake it on the dancefloor.

'Ninja Disco' is said to be inspired by '...that girl on the dancefloor cutting shapes and moving like a ninja'. Be honest: is one of you 'Ninja Girl'?
We don't like to name names, but yes, our baritone sax player Anna. Her moves can be devastating. It can be a real health and safety risk.

She played our set at Rainbow Serpent this year with a broken arm and still threw down more shapes than anyone out there.

From a crustacean invasion in 'Crabs' to being followed by clowns in 'Paranoia', which are you more frightened of?
Ogopogo isn't frightened by anything or anyone. We're a giant lake monster/ band with a small army of cult followers to do our bidding. We eat crabs for dinner. We laugh at clowns. Ha!

Where has the new music taken the band since releasing your debut EP?
It's taken us on a lot of late nights and a bunch of festivals. It's taken us hand in hand with our inner Ogopogo. It's taken the piss sometimes.

How is the band feeling about the upcoming launch tour?
We're all strapped in and ready to launch. We've got our toothbrushes packed. We've got our favourite clothes ironed and folded.

Charlie [Woods, trumpet/ vocals] did crack it at us all quite publicly about not having our sh.t together and being slack and unreliable and just not very helpful. I'm sure a few weeks of being all up in each other's business will do us all wonders.

What can audiences expect from the shows?
No refunds. You may wake up the next day a bit hazy and realise you're one of our loyal cult followers. Choreographed audience dancing. Lots of colourful, shiny people. We're going to try to sell you our 7-inch through hypnosis.

There's been a resurgence in Ogopogo sightings in Lake Okanagan this year, are you hopeful it will finally reveal itself?
It's all fake news generated by the Canadians to rig the American elections. I wouldn't take any notice of these 'sightings'. Every time someone sees Ogopogo, bombs get dropped somewhere, you know what I'm saying?

Who wins in a fight between Ogopogo (the animal) and Nessie?
Hopefully mid-fight they start to mate with each other and have cute little Canadian/ Scottish monster babies. I'd pay money to see that.

What's coming next for Ogopogo?
We're only in the planning stages at the moment, but we were considering taking our cult status up a notch. Possibly getting some volunteer human sacrifices on the next record; we're always looking for new sounds.

Ogopogo 2018 Tour Dates

Fri 2 Nov - Beltane Festival (Colac, VIC)
Sat 3 Nov - The Spotted Mallard (Melbourne)
Fri 9 Nov - The Homestead (Hobart)
Sat 10 Nov - The Great Houn Valley Festival (TAS)
Fri 16 Nov - Queen St Mall (Brisbane, 3pm & 8pm)

Sun 18 Nov - Queen St Mall (Brisbane, 1pm)

Mon 31 Dec - Tanglewood Festival (Thornton, VIC)


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